Monday, November 09 2015
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1. is there any hooks to specify my own wp query so that WP Latest Post displays the grid in the manner I want?
2. is there plans to include in the layout a 1-column blog grid? Image on left and words/text/excepts "float right"?
3. can I turn off render blocking js (if active by default) for above the fold rendering?

btw I'm now using your wp media grid and loves it.

Thank you.

1 - You may use the 'wpcufpn_src_category_args' filter? Depending on what you want to do.
2 - You will have to do this with some css lines.
3 - I'm sorry but I don't understand your question.

If you have a WP Latest Post subscription you should create a ticket, our support team can help you.

I assume you mean WP Media Folder, Yeah it rocks! ;)

Best regards.

6 years ago
1. Basically I want to pass my own set of $args as the WP query so the output is no longer "latest posts". In other words, I'm using the plugin only as a post renderer. Does wpcufpn_src_category_args accepts standard WP query?

2. ok

3. When page loads, javascript are usually deferred to load at end of page. However, I want js to load inline and not wait for rest of page content to load first. E.g. if I place Latest post at top most part of a newsmagazine page, and it has to wait for the rest of the page to load, I make visitors wait unnecessarily. Rather, visitors can view what's splashed on the screen first. This will also improve google speed insight results btw. Is js loaded inline by default?

Oh, thanks for the 3.2 update. It's even better now and it solved more ajax issues. There's a minor glitch left though. It's not a beaten path but I'm fire up AFC Pro's Media Gallery from a singlepost metabox, the images do not load by default. I will need to click on "images" from the dropdown to refresh and make the images appear. This problem is specific only to AFC pro media gallery. Hope you are able to investigate if you also use the plugin (I'm in localhost dev currently). Pls see attached printscr.
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