Monday, October 20 2014
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1. We would like to know if the WP Latest Posts plugin is compatible with ?
If not maybe you are interested at:

2. Under we see all plans with " For 6 months" in the column for 12 Months...Is this a mistake?

3. We are using (Truethemes Karma Child Theme) with shortcodes for column's and your plugin displays [raw][/raw] below the first content paragraph. Is this a theme conflict or can it be avoided?

4. Presently two posts with featured image are enabled with the default theme, but the images are showing in different dimensions depending on the browser used. By editing the settings in tabs "Display & Theme" and "Image Source" I can only get the images to show proportionally on either IE & Firefox or Chrome & Safari but not all together. Is there a way to get the same image display/dimensions on all major browsers?

You can visualize the above issues on our clients development page]

Thanks and keep up the good work,

Thanks for your feedback.
1. Not yet, it's on our todolist however you can create Latest post instance with a specific category and put it in your editor. Sometimes it does the trick
2. Text is fixed

For the rest, I'm sorry this forum is only for pre-sale question.
Please post a ticket, the developer will take a look at that.

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