Monday, June 22 2015
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Can the plugin crop the thumbnail image instead of squeezing it? Crop in the middle?

Is it available or is it planned as an upcoming feature?

What version and theme are you using? on the free version you have to define an image size.
On the pro version ratio and width are respected regarding the number of columns.
Take a look at the demo with original image with different sizes:

7 years ago
Thank you. That answered my question.
6 years ago
I have the pro version (Latest Posts 3.5.0 + Latest Posts Add-on 3.5.1), and it's not cropping my images to the size I specified.

All images are coming out with different aspect ratios, making for a messy layout. I've tried changing the Select Image source and Image Size parameters, but the images don't crop to fit. They shrink to fit at their original aspect ratio.

What could I be doing wrong?
6 years ago
Just wanted to add that I'm using WordPress 4.3.1 with the Hamza Lite theme, version 1.1.7.

It can be a conflict with theme or another plugin maybe.
If you have the pro version please drop us a ticket, the developer will handle that better than me (this is a pre-sale forum only).

Thanks a lot! cheers,
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