Friday, January 15 2016
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Hi there, I'm very new to the whole WordPress game, so I am almost positive that this will be an easy fix, but I can't find any other information out there so I figured I would just ask the people who made the plugin.

Here's the information that is required by you:

WP Latest Posts WordPress plugin version 3.5.1

Author: JoomUnited

Your current version of WordPress is: 4.4.1

Your current version of PHP is: 5.4.45

Your hosting provider's web server currently runs: Apache

My situation is quite simple.

I have added a new WPLP Block named, "Recent Posts"
I ticked the post categories box as well as "all" which should theoretically include all of my posts, correct?
After that, it doesn't matter what I do because nothing shows up on my posts page where I insert the Latest News Block. Is my source wrong? Not sure what to do here, but I would really like to utilize this product as it seems invaluable for aesthetic purposes.


Could you update the plugin to the latest version it should fix this problem.
Latest version is 3.5.2.

Best regards.

6 years ago
I am having same problem. I have opened a ticket. Please help with this.
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