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Thank you for sending me the link to the page with more detailed documentation. I did
not find that before. It is useful, but still not complete.

If you can be patient, I still have one question.

The first image attached to this email is the display configuration that I
have used previously with version 3.2.1. pro version. I was using text to
indicate the category, since at that time there was no option to show the
category itself.

I would like to reproduce this with the pro version of WP Latest Posts, but
it is not clear if I can do so. Two questions must be answered:

1) Can the order be changed? In the documentation (figure 2 attached)
they show only a fixed order, i.e. title - date - text with the image
variable and there is no indication that this order can be changed. I
would like to use a different order: text - image - title - date.

2) Does the new version allow category to be displayed. In the free
version which I have downloaded on a testsite (figure 3 attached) it gives
the option of category, but in the documentation (figure 2 attached) the
option is not shown. If the new pro version includes category, I would
want to display the following order: category - image - title - date. Is
that possible?

Thank you for your understanding. Before purchasing the new pro
version, I need know if it can do what I have done before with your product.

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1. The content ordering features has been dropped since a while because we had a lot of troubles with mobile display.
2 Yes indeed the pro version includes the possibility to display category in the default theme.

Hope it helps.

6 years ago

I regret that you have dropped the content ordering feature with your updated pro versions of WP Latest Posts.

The old version 3.2.1 of WP Latest Posts along with pro addon 3..0.3. allowed the content ordering feature that I need and for the time being it continues to work with Wordpress 4.5.2. I will continue to use that as long as possible, hoping that it remains compatible with future Wordpress updates.

Please inform me when if you make a change in the future which allows one of the following orders in your updated pro version: [category - image - title - date] or [text - image - title - date].

Thank you.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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