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  3. Monday, July 25 2016
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Is it possible to grant the following two permissions levels: 1) View Only (No Download) and 2) View and Download.

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Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
I'm sorry, we dont have View Only feature, currently have Preview and Download only.

Thanks a lot!
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Hi Charles,

By view you mean preview or just list the file without link?

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Hi Tristan,

By View Only, I mean view the contents of a document (for example a Word document), but restrict the ability to download it. View and Download would allow for viewing the contents and downloading the document. Google Drive offers the functionality, was wondering if this plugin did as well. Thanks.
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I have similar question.

1) View Only (No Download) and 2) View and Download.

Where View is not a Preview, but that the users who are not registered can view what files are in this category, but will be able to download them only if they are registered.
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OK thanks for that, we need to study the feasibility of this file restriction and I'll add this to our todo list.

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