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  3. Wednesday, March 22 2017
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kann bei WP File Download ein download nur im angemeldeten Zustand erfolgen? Wird der Pfad zum PDF im Browser eingegeben wird, kann kein download erfolgen, wenn der Benuzter nicht eingeloggt ist.
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Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
Yes, sure. You can restrict logged-in users to download files, the download link is invalid if user is guest (not logged-in). For more information:

Thanks a lot!
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Hello Support Team,
Thank you for your response.

When the link (path) to the document is passed. Can the document be downloaded without registration? In my project this has to be stopped. This user must be prompted for login. Is that possible?

Many Thanks.
Stefan Willautzkat
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Can the document be downloaded without registration? I

No, users cannot download even when they hold the link. In order to download the link, users have to logged-in the site.

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