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We have over 30 clients using WP-Filebase Pro. It's been pulled from and we are hoping to replace it with your product.
We purchased and tested WP File Download on a dev site and it looks like it would work well, except the transition is pretty painful (and expensive) from what we've seen so far.

We exported the files and categories from Filebase Pro and imported them to WP FIle Download without any problem, but it appears that we would then need to go to every page and every link on those pages and click to replace the existing links with new ones for WP FIle Download. At 1/2 minute a file, we are in the range of 10 hours of work for some of our sites to do this (likely causing them to not proceed with this).

1. Your product puts two numbers in the URL for the file link - is it possible to remove those so that the file links can remain the same? We have clients with hundreds and hundreds of files and some have clients that bookmark the files quite a bit. They don't want to pay to do this work and then also have to set up redirections.
WP-Filebase Pro URL .../download/community_economic_development/climate-change-plan-final-for-web.pdf
WP File Download of the same file.... /download/73/community_economic_development/9703/climate-change-plan-final-for-web.pdf

2. The look of the links on the site. We don't see a way to just have a client-entered (or uploaded) file name be the link to the file. [See screenshot 2 attached - WP File download link is first, then two using Filebase Pro (that's how they want it to look - just a small icon, the file name linked to the file and the size), then another from WP File Dowload.

3. In the site editor, Filebase pro would show a list of links with text like filebasepro/3, filebasepro/4. Your product shows an icon with no useful information on it to identify which file is which in a list of them on the page. This makes it difficult to edit one file in a list. See screenshot attached - it has a WP_filedownload link, then two from Filebase Pro, then one from WP FIle download, then one from Filebase Pro - we tried putting in a caption to see if that would help, as you can see, it didn't.)

We'd love to find out that there is an easy solution to these issues. Are we missing settings somewhere?

Thanks for reaching out to us.
I'm not sure I fully understood all the requests, but I'll try to reply.

1. There's no way to make the link to WPFD file working with the file and category ID's as it's also used to control file access.
So, the link has to be replaced in your content, but it hasn't to be one by one manually. I think replacing the links to files in the database with a custom queries is possible. Maybe a developer with all the access can help you with that?

2. To insert files in content, the most user-friendly way is to use one of the dedicated block for Elementor, DIVI... You'll have a preview of the file.
If you use the classic editor you can still find the file shortcode (when editing the file) or the direct link. Both contain the file title (see attached).

4 months ago
Thanks for your response, I so appreciate it being so quick too!

We are a developer with access, but we were hoping to not have to write custom code.

The work to be done, to convert from Filebase Pro to WP File Download is on 30 different sites, using a wide variety of themes and layout managers. We can't change those easily. It would sure be great if there were an ID or something in the classic editor.

RE: the other issue about the UX - see the screenshot 2 that I uploaded above. There is a mix there of files from your product and Filebase Pro.
The ones from WP File download have the big text and giant Download button. We know we can alter that icon to a smaller one, but the client doesn't want a Download button at all, they want it to look like the Filebase Pro links... a small PDF icon, the name of the file and that name as a link to the PDF, then the filesize. Is there an easy way to do that?

Thanks again

OK noted for the migration, but we can't do better, as the migration system handles various WP plugins :)
About the single file design, have you already configured the single design manager?
It's accessible using WP File Download > Icon builder > Single file (see attached).

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