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  2. Pres-sale questions about WP File Download
  3. Monday, September 23 2019
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Hi! I want to purchase the word press plugin bundle to use it my client sites.

1. From your web site, you mention that we could install the bundle in all our client web sites with extension license. Isn't it that the $169/year is the extension license that include all the WP File download manager, media manager, etc..?

2. How much is the fee after one year? What if I intend to only continue to use one or two of the plugins in the plugin?

3. Could I continue to use the existing plugin if I do not pay after the license expired after one year?

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Thanks for contacting us.
1. Yes everything is included in the bundle: all the plugins + addons for all your clients
2. The next year you can renew your membership with a 20% OFF or you can just subscribe for one or 2 plugins if you don't use the others
3. Yes you can but you won't have access to support and update for the plugins you don't have subscription to

Hope it helps, cheers,
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