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  2. Pres-sale questions about WP File Download
  3. Monday, March 21 2016
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After reviewing the demo I see that your product does the following correct?
uses a role plugin to identify who what user has access to what files
tracks the number of downloads
displays a folder content including sub folders if applicable

1. If there are 4 folders in 1 main folder will it just show the folders and not all the files until the user clicks on the subfolder?
2. Can I point 1 user's access to a folder on an ftp folder?
3. Assuming that when user downloads they can't see the path so it is secure?
4. What is the process for a user to login to view the items? Is it a login shortcode on a page? If so, what is the process of changing a password? I want it to be secure so that a code has to be entered or the user needs to enter their old password to successfully change their password.
5. Is it a 1 time charge of $29 with 6 month support for this plugin?

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Sorry I thought I replied you already. Here it is:

1. Yes, only folders
2. At the moment you can limit a file category per user role for viewing and download files. Single user access in one click limit will be done in the next version.
3. They can see the file link (it's handy for SEO) but if their user role don't grant access to the file they won't be able to share/download the file.
4. Our plugin doe not change the WordPress login process, user need to login before they can access/edit files. There's login plugin that handle this feature.
5. Yes one time, $29, no automatic renew. The 6 month is for personal ticket support and new version updates. There's no limit on the number of install.

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