Thursday, January 23 2020
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Hi !
I really like the interface, but I need to be able to manage single user and user role access to the content. I need a file manager for a intranet.
I have the following questions:

1) I need to set a page where the file manager is displayed for everyone. It's for a intranet so everyone logged can see it but the content they can see depends on their role. Everyone can see in the main folder, but the content may vary depending on their role or for single user.
Then there should be a role capable to read and write, and someone only able to read/download etc but not able to modify the structure.
Is it doable? :D

2) Is it possible to display more root folder? I mean: I need to display the personal folder of the user and at the same level the general repository folder where everyone go. ( Is there an automatically generate personal private folder? )

Hope I was clear, my english is not great.
Thanks! Hope to read you soon

Thanks for contacting us.
1. We have file access restriction based on user roles and on single users. The actions restrictions are based on user roles and on the category owner.
Meaning you can add a user as category owner and he'll be able to manage his files only. Of course he can still have access to the other files if you allow that.

In the action restriction you can't disallow the file and categories modification, yes.

2. Yes, you just need have a category accessible for him and another one that he owns and that he can modify.
Though the process of putting a user as admin to a file category is manual and can't be automatic.

Some useful link below.

File access details:
More info in the documentation:

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