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  3. Friday, June 17 2016
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I am interested in buying your plugin.
I'd like to know if there are notifications (by email) to users when admin upload a file for them, and to admin when user download it.
I would also how the folders are named.

My goal is to upload files for single users (which I guess is available since few days), with one folder for on final user. I would like to upload the files from a simple FTP client and put them in the right folder. Can the folders be named with the user name ?
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Thanks for contacting us here.
I'm sorry our extension doesn't have the features you want.
In the near future, we'll develop feature with "Notification email" on new file, update file, remove file only.

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Are you able to tell, when "near future" will be?
This would be a very important functionality.
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I would say in the upcoming 3 month. The next major feature is a download statistics (available today) then a social locker on files.
The notification system is the next one ;)

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that sounds good. Thank you
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