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  3. Monday, August 01 2016
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Hello, im interested in buying the plugin, but i wanted to know something first...i have a site with a list of the brands that i sell, each of them has its own list of catalogues. Can i manage the categories separately? i mean in BRAND1 page can i display only the files of the BRAND1 category? Without have the user to navigate freely through all the categories of the site (expecially in the advanced search theme)? For that i would reserver a specific page with all the catalogues listed. Not sure if i was clear enough, thanks for your time!
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Oh also i forgot..is it compatible with wordpress 4.5.3? thanks
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Thanks for contacting us here.
- Of course, you can set the privilege to access the categories (public, group user, single users)
- Yes, it is.

Hope it helps!
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Hi, i asked same question on the live chat and i got the same answer so now im kinda worried that i wasn't clear enough with my question...i wasn't talking about user privileges, i meant for any visitor of my site without registration. I need to be able to chose what category of files to display to the visitor ( not registered) in THAT specific page.

example: i have 2 brands, Samsung and Sony, they both have different categories and catalogues

Samsung has TV and Phones

Sony has Speakers and CD

Now i make a wordpress page called Samsung, i put in my own content...then i want to show to visitors (not registered or logged in) Samsung catalogues, so they will ONLY see TV and Phones categories with the catalogues that i uploaded to those categories.

Same thing i want to do with Sony page and its categories.

Can i do this with your plugin? Hope i have explained my need better, thanks
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Yes, certainly. Public here means for everyone/ not registered users as well as logged in users.

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