Monday, July 21 2014
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I'm curious to know if Team Chart can be used to create a traditional, function-oriented organization chart similar to the attached PDF, rather than a personnel-oriented chart as illustrated in your demo?

Sorry I don't see the PDF attached to your message.

8 years ago
Here's my attachment again. I'm not sure why it didn't come through the first time.
8 years ago
Oops! It turns out my original attachment was actually more than 2MB, although I did not receive any warning. Please see the trimmed version attached.

The 2 restriction I see is that:

- You'll need to add an image for each member
- The level beneath can only depend of a single level on top

7 years ago
Hi Tristan,

well ... to be precise, your component has no "Flow-Charts", the level-restrictions lead into "Tree-Charts".
I would LOVE if the component could handele Flow-Charts. I see only two additions that would have to be done:

1. It should be possible to design the connections between the items as arrows

2. There should be no limitations about levels on top or beneath. I would need a way to place a new item whereever I want and to define the connection.

The component itself seems to be great, but the name promises something that´s not in. As long as there are no arrows and as long as there is always a "top-level-dependency" it will always be a tree-chart, not a flow-chart.

Any chance that you will extend it to flow-charts in near future?
(would be worth the double of the price) ;-)

All the best, Julian!
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