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  Saturday, August 27 2022
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I use Qi Tag Cloud on my site. The site is currently Joomla 3.10 but will be updated to Joomla 4, which is not support in Qi Tag Cloud. Tags are used on approx 150 pages, and number into a max of about 350 tags on the largest pages. The tag are presented in the right column, with font size controlled by the number of that tag on the page. Tags are organized by Joomla categories.

Obviously, I want to minimize the effort required to move to something like your extension. If I have to do this manually, it could take a couple of months of steady effort.

I hope that your product is usable on my site, and that you have some suggestions on how to proceed.
1 year ago
You can use our extension.we have feature available like category and font size for cloud.You can create ticket support as well then in case any customization needed..
1 year ago
I looked at your demo for Tag Transform; your presentations are much too "busy" for my use. Qi Tag presents a simple list (most of my tags are a single word) in a line-wrapped list in alphabetic order. Do you have the capability for a simple line-wrapped list of tags presentation?

Also, I just learned the Joomla has a core tag component supported in its native DB. Does you component use this or did you implement your own DB?

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