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Hi guys!

I've watched the video about your component and it looks really good. Before purchasing, I would like to ask you some questions.

1.) Does it work with the K2 component?
2.) If it does, will there be any noticeable performance loss? I mean, will every article be searched for the glossary terms every time it is loaded or is the "tooltipping" done once on the very first load?
3.) Is it possible to exclude the tooltips in particular articles for particular words? E.g. to exclude every repetition of the word "Australia" after its first appearance in article A, but still let a tooltip occur in article B?
4.) Is it possible to not only make a tooltip appear, but also to link the word to the corresponding definition on the glossary page? If so, are there any options to configure them (like "only link the word to its definition", "only display tooltip", "link the word to its definition AND display tooltip")?
5.) How does the internal linking of SEO Glossary work? E.g. if I write a definition of the word "Austria" like this: "Austria is a European country like Belgium", will the word "Belgium" be automatically linked to the definition of Belgium (assumed Belgium exists in the database)?
6.) Are there any language files I can translate to the language I need? (Because my site uses a language different from English/French.)
7.) Is it possible to place advertisement (like Google AdSense) on the definitions' page without displaying it on the tooltip itself?
8.) Is it possible to limit the length of the tooltips?
9.) Is there any way I can feature words on the definitions' page that begin with characters not in the standard alphabet, such as numbers or special characters?

Thank you very much in advance! :-)
10 years ago
Hi MaTsch,

A lot of questions :) Please let me answer one by one.

1. Not yet, this is planed for a next release (2-3 month max.)

2. When it will be done, you will have the minimal performance loss. We are trying to use the Joomla framework as much as possible.

3. No, but as it is a demand we will consider adding a feature like that

4. Yes and no. It is possible to choose to have the tooltip + link to definition OR only the link.

5. Yes, in the component view definitions are linked between them

6. All language string are in standard Joomla language file (nothing is hard coded). So you can translate everything. Please contact us if you make any translations :)

7. I've never tried, you can choose to display HTML or not in the tooltips as an option.

8. Nope, you can limit the size (width). Interesting question!

9. Not yet, but this feature is planed too. We are thinking about giving to user the choice of all characters in the alphabet.

Thanks for interest and ideas.

10 years ago
Hi Tristan!

Thank you very much for the quick reply!

Concerning question 8 (tooltip limitation), to be more precise, I have thought of a limitation of displayed characters such as "display only the first 300 characters of the definition on a tooltip" - that you can set as one option for all definitions or even as an option for every single definition.

I would like to contact you concerning the translation but neither can I find any email address on your site nor can I send a private message via forum. How can I contact you apart from the public forum?

Best regards,
10 years ago

Yes I understood what you mean about question 8, it's a very interesting feature and idea. We will keep it in mind for the next version.

Please let me add your Email to our newsletter to be informed about it.

I will send you a private Email regarding the translations.

10 years ago
Yes, just drop me a line per email about translation.
10 years ago
You should receive an Email soon.

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