Wednesday, February 15 2017
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Before buying I need info on the following topics:
- I need to enhance the SEO of my websites. But it seems each page generated with SEO GLOSSARY is having a Page Title "GLOSSARY NAME - ITEM GLOSSARY NAME" which is not good enough regarding SEO... a term with "ITEM GLOSSARY NAME" or "ITEAM GLOSSARY NAME - GLOSSARY NAME" may be better regarding GOOGLE indexation. My question: is this option configurable? (not seen on your video/website)

- Is it possible to have URL without a number, I'm thinking about --> I want to avoir 1234 item, is it possible natively???

Thanks for your feedback! :)
5 years ago

Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
1. Our extension doesn't have option as you mentioned.
2. I'm not sure it is possible to eliminate the number from the URL.

Thanks a lot!
5 years ago
Hi storm27
I think we have eliminated the page Id in URL already.if you check our demo URL
Here you can create URL without id.

The URLs are based on alias only (on the latest version). So just update and check your alias.

5 years ago
@assistance Thanks for your feedback! Nice to see that SEO does not need now the annoying URL ID :D

Regarding my other question I'm asking myself if it's possible to disable GLOSSARY NAME in PAGE TITLE ???
Because having hundreds of pages with "GLOSSARY NAME - item name" is not good for SEO .... (I'm planning to have thousands of pages with your extension so that's a real subject for me!!)

Kind regards.
5 years ago
We will do template override for you to hide the name of glossary if needed
We require Joomla super admin and password in your private ticket support.
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