Thursday, July 19 2012
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i have some questions to do:

1- when we have the same word repeatedly in the same article we will have in all of them the definition? is there any way to choose wich of them we want to have the definition? or have it just in the first one?

2- is there any way to choose wich pages we want the SEO Glossary works?

thank you for your help.

Those 2 features are planed for the next version!
We've start developed it yet, please stay tuned :)

8 years ago
Has this feature been released yet (referring to #1 of the opening post)? I installed and configured your component and like it very much. I am however disappointed that I can't configure the component to only apply one glossary per page regardless of the number of times the word or term is used.

Am I overlooking a setting here or is it not yet available? Seems like a must have!
8 years ago
I´ve bought seo glossary and was first pleasantly surprised about the functionality. But there is one thing I really be disappointed: If it is on an article enabled, every word (taken into account in the glossary) is taken into account. There is no way to select only one word. It really looks not good to see all the same words underlined, if you have many of it.

I need a function to select only one word in an article to taken into account of sea glossary!

So, if JoomUnited have not solution for this problem soon, I´ll disable this function.

your sincerely
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