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  3. Saturday, March 09 2019
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I am working on a dictionary/glossary website (see attachment) and wondering whether I should have a solution developed from scratch or use your solution and customize it. Here are a few questions:
1. Flexibility to add as many fields for a given entry as necessary ;
2. Suitability for glossary with thousands of entries ;
3. Search engine autocomplete feature ;
4. Possibility to add tags to
5. Flexibility in display of entries ;
6. Flexibility in display of search results.

Finally, wondering whether you offer custom developments.

Thanks for the reply!

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Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
From 1 to 4, these are possible with our SEO Glossary.
You can see our documentation and demo
For 4, 5, I'm not sure how's flexible here, but you can take a look at our sample themes:

Hope it helps!
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So I purchased the extension reading your response and (1) I think I have been debited twice (can you verify?) and (2) I don't see how I can add more fields in the interface... How do I do that?

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Welcome to Joomunited.we are happy to assist you.this is presales forum so kindly create ticket in ticket support and we will happy to reply you there related with seo glossary.
i will check my team related with debited twice
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