As I bought this extension without support, I cannot get any help from the developer. So I write my question here in this forum to get any help (maybe. who knows).

Like I wrote before, I bought the extension and installed it in my Joomla site.

I created two glossaries. One for English and one for German.

I added a term (Joomla) twice (one I attached to the German glossary and the other to the English glossary). The term attached to the German glossary I gave a German description and the other one got an English one (English: Description Joomla. German: Beschreibung Joomla).

I went to the front-end to see if things wirk and it did. But in both languages the English description is shown.

I use the native mulitingual option (so I don't use Falang!) to make offer my visitors two languages.

I added two scrrenshot details to showcase my experience.

What can be done to have the german description shown when the German language of my site is used and to show the English description if a visitor reads my site in English?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,

Rob van Linda
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