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  2. Pres-sale questions about SEO Glossary
  3. Friday, March 22 2013
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On a multilanguage site, I'd like the glossary to be multilanguage, too, obviously.

I could not find a plugin for Falang. Is there one that I missed, or is one under development?

When there's no Falang-plugin, it should still be possible to use the standard language settings, but they don't work. For the glossary page itself, i.e. the category/entry listing, it works. Only entries for the selected language are shown. But the auto created links are wrong:

If there's an entry in only one language, that entry will be shown, no matter which language is selected in the frontend. If there are entries for several languages, always the last entry will be shown, regardless of the chosen language.

Can we hope for a fix any time soon?
Thank you!
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Can you please post a ticket for that? We'll try to handle this.

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