Thursday, January 29 2015
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Hello everybody,

there is one thing I am testing out since a while and it seems to me like a bug.
What I originaly thought is that SEO Glossary is able to handele different terms. For example:

I give you an example:

When I use the term "Microsoft Word" there should be another popup as when I use the term "Microsoft". Microsoft should link to the explanation of the company "Microsoft" and "Microsoft Word" should link to the explanation of the software.

Unfortunatelly, SEO Glossary only links to the first word. So when I have bouth entrys, one for "Microsoft Word" and one for "Microsoft", it always links to "Microsoft", even when I use the term "Microsoft word".

I will show it to you as an example with another term:
I want to use "NLP", which is a technique, and I want to use the name of the whole society, which is named "Society of NLP Programmers". So I created two entrys,o ne for "NLP" and one for "Society of NLP Programmers. Have a look here:

You see, I have created one entry for "NLP" and one Entry for "Society of NLP Programmers".

When I look on my website, only the term "NLP" is used for the glossary, the complete term "Society of NLP Programmers" is ignored instead:

I wondered if this might be connected to the order of the entrys. But it does not work to change the order in the backend:
As soon as I like to "move" one of the entrys, the whole layout breaks and I can´t change the order.

So the question is:
Is SEO glossary able to handele terms that are longer then one word?

All the best, Julian!
6 years ago
Okay, I just tested it by simply deleting and creating a new item.
It seems like the order in the backend is essential for the decision, which term is used on the frontpage: Earlier terms are used earlier.
This brings up the problem with the resorting: I tested it in FF, IE and Chrome, on two different Joomla-Installation, it´s not possible to change the order.

Is this a bug?

All the best, Julian!

Yes by default the longer expression is detected and it's normal. This handle most of the usage case where longer expression are more precise definitions. You also have an option to use synonym term.

Yes you can order terms by using the Joomla default ordering tool.

Please not that this forum is only for pre-sale purpose. For other question please drop us a ticket, the developer will be better than me to fix that.

6 years ago
hi All,
We are very thankfull for julian to help us fixing the issue and his great feedback in chat and making soe glossary more powerful.
now in soe glossary 2.0.1 using ordering we can change the word priority.
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