Monday, August 20 2012
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Is SEO Glossary works on content Kunena forum?

more than a month ago
Copy of my answer in an other post.

Hi Tristan.

The same for me : i'm interested by SEO Glosary but only with Kunena integration...

Why a Kunena event ?

I think that Joomla event onBeforeRender should be use for integration. No ???

Why not with a configuration possibility of HTML/CSS ID to integrate in SEO Glossary traitment.

Generaly all component have this own tag ID on their view.

This should be make SEO Glossary independant off the component no ?

I think that this should be a big +++ for SEO Glossary.

more than a month ago

Sure we will have a look at that with the developer and let you know if it's possible.

more than a month ago

It works with Kunema if you configure the Kunena system plugin like attached.
SEO glossary can be called in Kunena title/content.

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