Thursday, June 04 2015
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I would like to know if I have the option to covert to SEO Glossary an already built japan-italian dictionary while updating the website to the last Joomla version.
I need two main features:
1) correctly manage (and show) kanji characters in terms and term definitions
2) include in articles commands - not visible in the article - to "override" common italian words with a Glossary term (e.g.: override the word "ai" with the term "ai (愛 / 合)" in order to activate the glossary and retrieve the definition of the term "ai (愛 / 合)". With my current glossary, I can insert the following command {GlossaryDef:ai (愛 / 合):ai} for showing in the article the word "ai" that is "activated" as it were "ai (愛 / 合)")
7 years ago
A.Currently we dont have much issues in multiple language like arabic and chinese so hopefully if database support us we dont think we have issue in kanji language.
if you want you can try seoglossary before buying.
for that you have to create ticket for that.
B.The article are automtically activated so we dont need to insert command many times in seoglossary.Let me know if you need my any help in stuff please create ticket for that.
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