Friday, March 17 2017
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I have bought Seo Glossary in 2016 and tested it with my german language website. There was the problem, that it did not work with "Umlaute" such as ä, ö, ü.

But they are necessary in german websites.

We were corresponding with ticket #1673947474 from March 16 to May 16. There was no solution. The last solution you offered me was so complicated, that I was not able to understand.

Do "Umlaute" such as ä, ö, ü already work on SEO Glossary? I would need to integrate in now in my website.

5 years ago
umalaute need to write in html entity code format.
for example in synonym you can & aacute; in synonym
5 years ago
Sorry, but I do not quite understand what to do.

An example: I want to use the word "Eigentümer"
Step by Step, what do I have to do?

Thanks for your patience!
5 years ago
I understood now what you are describing. It works for me, thank you!
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