Sunday, July 06 2014
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I'm working on an English/Thai language site and I need to install a good dictionary module. SEO Glossary looks to be very near to what I want but I do have some questions. The site already uses the following plugins/modules: JCH Optimize - this plugin relies on compression and minification of js and css files to achieve rapid loading; NextEnd Accordion Menu - this module uses AJAX quite extensively; iJoomla Guru - as our LMS system. The site also uses jQuery and jQuery UI.

Could you please advise whether these extensions are likely to conflict with SEO Glossary. I noticed in the product reviews that file compression might be a problem, is this likely to be an issue?

I intend that Glossary would contain items comprising English/Thai word pairs and a brief English definition. Around 6K items are planned. Is it feasible to run tooltips working from a dictionary of this size? Is Glossary able to handle Thai (and Chinese) characters? One final question :) is Glossary stylable with CSS?

Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you.

Roy Stannard
more than a month ago

About the multilingual system, SEO Glossary is using the Joomla multilingual system ie. you'll need to set each glossary in a language (or to all languages) exactly like Joomla is doing.

SEO Glossary is loading jQuery too with an option to disable it in case of conflict. It should work, if not you can drop us a ticket, the developer will fix that for you. SEO Glossary have already been tested with Chinese characters, it will work as you're able to set custom characters in every glossary.

The problem that may appear is the number of definition, 6000, because on each page SEO Glossary will need to check if one entry is available to activate tooltip. It will require a lot of resources if you activate the tooltips.

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