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  2. Pres-sale questions about My Maps location
  3. Monday, August 20 2018
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I like your MyMaps and LinkyMaps and wonder if it works with EasySocial so the markers for users also will be set on the map?

I also see alot of people going for the free OpenStreetMap instead of Google maps.

is that in your plan too to have this option?

People discussed now many have problem with Google maps and for small org using Google maps there is alternatives like OpenStreetMap, Info


Licenses etc

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Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.
r if it works with EasySocial so the markers for users also will be set on the map?

Our My map locations is integrated with EasySocial and supports OpenStreetMap.
For more information: https://www.joomunited.com/documentation/my-maps-location-documentation#toc-2-5-display-locations-on-frontend

Hope it helps!
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thanks for your quick reply. :D

I wonder if there would be any sorting/filtering of EasySocial users possible by its badge or maybe use groups related to showing users on the map also if you can restrict that with Joomla ACL in some way?

For example filter on the badge http://easysocial.stackideas.com/profile/584-sophia this one have a "Newbie" badge and also for other user profiles? Is there any settings for this for the map regarding to create menus/adding map modules?

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Badge is not possible with core search.but yes customization can be done for this.
for search filtering you can create menu in menu manager.
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Ok thanks for reply. I will analyse this and later coming back to you bcs I think this if working with OpenStreetMap and you can have different EasySocial user group mapping to a Joomla openstreetmap module that could be representative for showing different members (ES) for maps with the right ACL connected. Would be cool and useful.

Cheers! ssnobben
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Great with OpenStreetsMap integration do you have a demo with OpenStreetMap anywhere? :p
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