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  3. Friday, December 16 2016
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I'm looking for a solution to for at home service webiste.

What we what to do is have coverage area maps like this one
https://www.google.com/maps/d/embed?mid=1fcrKTStSUTuBIS0VQNKX7dMywlg&;hl=en" width="640" height="480"

Where a home owner enters there address and is directed to a link to schedule there service.

So if someone enters a address that is outside of the area they are taken to content link stating that we don't cover that area.

We would have about 10 areas on that we service.

It would be nice to show a map of the areas we do work in.

Our idea is to have the customers visit the home page and enter there home address and then be directed to the scheduling software link for that area.
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The problem with My Maps Location is that you can't define custom areas. The only solution I see is to define so custom radius search, for example 10Km around the user home address, and is there's not results display a custom message. If there's result the user can load a location detail with a custom contact form, phone number, address...

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