Wednesday, June 18 2014
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I completely like your component and it is the thing iam looking for but i need to get some informations first.

i got locations for my support providers all over Egypt and what i need is :
Mapping feature of my locations working with what and where. Especially important is the location of my support places; where to find the nearest location to get support provider as well as display of people’s comments on the locations.
this is what i need my website to provide to all the visitors ( ability to search for the nearest support center and display full details about this center address, phones, description, etc.... and also ability to comment on each location

so after i told you what i need those are my questions

1- Do you support Egypt Country and also Arabic language.
and if the Language is not supported can i translate it myself ?

2- is there ability to add custom location i means to pick up a location by clicking it on the map and automatically get the geo coronations of this location and then display it on the front end with my own location name and description ?

3- is there ability to add details on each location ?

4- is there ability for the visitors of my site to comment on each location ?

5- is the map system could be used on any Joomla template ( custom template maybe with a firmware ) ?


1. Yes Egypt is supported, it comes from google maps and the component language can be translated
2. Yes of course, it's the way to add a location and you can also type an address
3. Yes there's a contact button and a WYSIWYG edtor
4. Sorry, we haven't any comment possibilities
5. Yes of course

7 years ago
but if i developed a comment system and added it to the component is that possible ?
Yes it is, it will require some technical skill but it's possible yes.
7 years ago
another thing please i need to ask about it is there a module or an option to display a drop down field to choose country and city then display all the places listed under this city on that country without the main map it self ?
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