Thursday, July 07 2016
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Hello, I have some questions about My Maps location.
- What's the difference between tags and categories?
- Is there a limit in the number of tags?
- Can I import tags/categories via csv file or must they be added one by one?
- Can I import addresses without latitude and longitude?
- Can I hide some location informations (i.e. phone numbers and emails) forcing the site visitors to click on details to view them?
- In the demo version I saw that if no filters are chosen, all locations are showed in the list below or next to the map. Can I hide this complete list leaving only the pins on the map?
- Can I show results only for a single Region or Province?

Thank you.
more than a month ago

OK let me answer point by point
- The same difference you got in Joomla, you can add several tags on a location while you can only one category
- No limit
- Yes there's an import tool that work with .csv files
- Of course, you can point a location on a map or type an address, the latitude/longitude will be calculated automatically
- All you add in the description field, hours, phone is hidden by default
- You can hide the results and only display a map but the locations list will be hidden all the time after that
- Yes you have some region filters

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