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  2. Pres-sale questions about My Maps location
  3. Monday, July 15 2019
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We've been using My Maps Location on a client website and were hoping to switch to Open Street Map as a map provider.
However, the osm map is not showing. We changed the settings in the component. Open Street Map is then used for creating new locations in the backend.
But when try adding a new map to an article, Open Street Map is missing from the "type" drop down list.

Version is 4.1.4
URL: https://www.etcev.de/kontakt.html

Below the header image, the white blank rectangle - that's where the map should go.

Thanks for any pointer ! :-D
  1. https://www.etcev.de/kontakt.html
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We tried Bing as well, with a valid API Key.
Works fine when adding creating locations, but on a frontend page the map won't show (despite type=bing in the code).

Forgot to mention that. :-D
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can you please create a ticket support and send us ftp access and joomla super admin so i can cross check and verify the issue.
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Which ticket category should I use? Billing, Seo Glossary and WP Smart Editor are the only ones I see.


After renewing the subscription, the fitting catgory showed. ;)
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