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  2. Pres-sale questions about My Maps location
  3. Tuesday, October 15 2013
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Have just purchased this product and can find no bing maps in it, nor in the support pdf... Where do I find the Bing maps?
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You can configure bing maps to be displayed in the component configuration.
For any support request please use the ticket system, we'll help you if you still need it.

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Many thanks for the prompt response.. Loving your product.
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Okay have raised a support ticket because I still can't get it to display Bing maps. Must be doing something wrong I guess. Hope to hear back soon. Cheers.
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Sorry but Bing Maps does not really work with this extension as advertised.

- Component is centred around Google Maps (which works okay).

- Not possible to load Bings Map in module, or configure Bing Maps from component.

- No documentation whatsoever for Bing Maps provided with purchase.

- Bing Maps possible only in content, with undocumented shortcode, then also flaky.

- Apparently, Bing Maps does works if you only use it for the "search" component.

Make what you will of this:

"Our component main purpose is searching user address to location and not displaying map in module.in that we have fully integrated... It is like your requirement is purchasing for cooker and you have purchased cooking gas".

Good grief:

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This is fixed in the last version 1.3.6.

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