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  2. Pres-sale questions about My Maps location
  3. Monday, November 19 2018
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In a article, I started the map with:
<p>{mymaplocation id= width=58% height=600px zoom=11 type=googlemap}</p>

Now I want to do it with openstreetmap. Is this the right code?
<p>{mymaplocation id= width=58% height=600px zoom=11 type=openstreetmap}</p>

It seems, that this works not....

Thanks for Infos
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You can create a module and using loadposition you can add that module for now.

I will check the issue and fix this asap.
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Hi Alax

...thanks. But does this the same?

I define the exact position in the article at the area "my Maps Laocation".
See pic enclosed

There is also a Problem with the map.....
And I can't delete the Google Place ID.
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Hi meteo,

Thanks for your response.
As I see, you are not using cusom module. It could be in an article.
Anyway, in order to have a deeper look at your problem, please drop us a ticket (menu Support > Ticket support).
Our developer in charge will take a look at that.

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