Wednesday, July 30 2014
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I want to have a map where you can see all members of community builder, on a joomla 3 homepage (without filter).
is it possible ?

je souhaite disposer d'une carte géographique, sur laquelle on puisse voir tous les membres de community builder (joomla 3).
est ce que cela est possible ?

Yes it's possible you can display all the members using a Joomla menu item or a module.

6 years ago
Hello Tristan,

I bought "My Maps Location" Version 2.2.0 in July 2014.
est'il possible to prohibit zoom in on the map with the mouse wheel ?
This is confusing for users who travel on the web page, because as happens when the pointer on the map, the displacement is interrupted and is the zoom on the map that works.
thank you in advance,


j'ai acheté "My Maps Location" Version 2.2.0 en juillet 2014.
est'il possible d'interdire de zoomer sur le carte avec la molette de la souris ?
ceci est perturbant pour les utilisateurs qui se déplacent sur la page web, car lorsque le pointeur arrive sur la carte, le déplacement est interrompu et c'est le zoom sur la carte qui fonctionne.
merci d'avance,

I'm not sure if we can handle that, please drop us a ticket we'll take a look.

6 years ago
if you have put this in support ticket we have fixed the issue as this is quite easy for us to disable mouse wheel and zoom
Please drop us ticket and provide joomla access in it.
6 years ago
--> this is quite easy for us to disable mouse wheel and zoom
perfect : how can I do that ?
please, ca you explaine me, because it's important to understand and to become independent in using
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