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  2. Pres-sale questions about My Maps location
  3. Friday, September 04 2020
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Hi guys,

1 - Is there a way to upload / lin and show a KML per Location ?
As far as I understand right now we can add just an URL and just for module manager.
To load KML file when adding the Location will give us the way to show on a Map Search all the KML tours into a specific category.

2 - Is there a way to show the KML into the Map with "Tour", "Waypoint/Placemark" (points of interests), "Altimetry" (Elevation), Speed etc. datas ?
Here an example
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You can directly upload the kml using filezila.
we don't plan to show kml through file uploading as generally user share the kml link from third party and provide us the link .
the link you showed us is gpx file.gpx file cannot be supported in our my map locations.
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Hi alax,
many thanks for your gentle answer:

1 - Please Is there a way to link and show a KML per Location ?

2 - As far as I know a .gpx could be converted simply into a .kml file, right ?
(As far as I understand you do not have any plan to support .gpx in future right ?)
Please, Do you have any plan to have a Map with the "Altimetry" (Elevation) view layout on the bottom ?
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@ joomleb
you can create location from menu manager.in location view you can assign seperate kml.
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