Saturday, March 14 2015
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I have a really stupid question, I want a markers in the map with link to my joomla articles, and the detailed list ( like the demo) with an image preview and short description that link to my articles ( the same in the map). Sort also this articles with a filter by locations.
Tanks in advantage

Joomla default articles cannot be located in MML, you can use K2 items for that.
About filtering you use our modules to filter locations.

5 months ago
Hi, I know that this post is old and now you can integrate Joomla simple articles, right? Please tell me if I'm wrong.
What is the aspect?
- detailed list and image preview are taken from article? (article introtext or full text with a character limit, article thumb or full article image ..)
I mean, when I'll set everything up, the list preview (for example) next to the map has the same aspect taking dynamically all the elements from the article?

I suggest to set this option visible in your demo, so we can see the differences.

Further, can "simple joomla articles" and "locations" be in the same map? (2 different sources)
Thank you
5 months ago
Hi Cyskye
I hope you are doing well.
when we talk about my map location integration with content plugin we have created the plugin.once plugin is enabled it will show the tab my map locations where you can add the location latitude and longitude.once that is done then you can show that data on map .
we can customize the data and show the introtext or whatever data you like to show using simple helper override function.
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