Wednesday, September 06 2017
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could you please show me a how the .csv file is structured? Can i add the Streetname/nr. , ZIP Code and Country for each shop location or do I need to have the longitude/latitude? Thanks
4 years ago
I mean to show the shop on the map. is it enough to have the address as mentioned above or do i need to have long/lat ? thanks.
4 years ago
You dont need latitude and longitude.
the system will automatically convert latitude and longitude if kept blank.
please click on export csv button and then you can have the csv that you are looking for.
also i am attaching sample csv.
4 years ago
I just opened the sample CSV file and I can't find, where to insert tags. Is it possible to upload multiple tags within the CSV file?
4 years ago
we have implemented the tag from joomla system.
for migration of tag you need to use joomla tag import system if available.
Our extension wont support any feature that conflict with core joomla features.
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