Tuesday, January 26 2021
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Before I buy:-)

I am developing a website for a veterinary emergency/on-call service for the coming weekend.
In use:
- Joomla Core 3.9.24
- JSN PageBuilder
- Jevents
I always show the next on-call service for the next weekend. This is managed with JEvents and works.
I would like to integrate a feature into the website that could be realised with your tool:
- Show a map with the filter option:
- Enter my town with postcode or town name.
- Result: Display of the vets who are on duty.

The search result should show
Name of the clinic
Address of the clinic
And a link to a Joomla article (with the detailed description of the clinic)

Hence my question:
Can I realise this with your My Maps Location?
How can I set a marker so that only the clinics that are on standby are displayed? I would prefer to be able to do this with a custom field for events. If that is not possible, then a custom field for the article?

Many thanks for your answer
more than a month ago
at the core of my map location these are not supported.you need to customize the my map locations to make this working.our api provide you
1.search through jevent core
2.fetch the data from jevent if there is latitude longitude is there then it will show the data related with this.
3.show the data in map with supported 5 type of map for now.
4.for redirection we have central function to create the link.so from database if you select the url then using database you can get the article url.
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