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  2. Pres-sale questions about My Maps location
  3. Monday, August 29 2016
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We are looking into your plugin, and so far we are highly interested in getting a membership, but before that we have some last few requirements that need clarification. Before that, quick information, we have a couple of our own location pages (by joomla as well) that we made to showcase for people to see what services we offer, etc. I searched the pre-sales forum and don't seem to find what we are looking for, so here are my questions:

1 - As we see in the first demo: https://www.demo-joomunited.com/my-maps-location/location-search, we are wondering if the right section can be customized to our liking (i.e. Details button to link to our own location page instead of the built-in one)

2 - Is it possible to have that same map layout to display all of the locations we have on the right side pre-loaded so customers can just click on it and link directly to our own location page (i.e. Pre-load the right side to list all 30 locations along with pins/clusters on the map).

3 - Do you have a layout where the search bar can be located as a small text box on the map, or any other option to have it not take too much space (we saw the other layout but just wondering if there are any others that take lesser space or if we can customize it ourselves)?

4 - And, submitting location on the search, would it be able to navigate the map to the coordinate/nearby location? (i.e. Search for Orlando, FL will navigate the map to Orlando, FL with pins if we have a store there, same with the right side navigating to Orlando, FL)

Thank you for your responses!
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let me try to reply
1.Yes you can put your own custom link for location instead of our default.please look at screenshot of how to do that from backend.

3.we have 2 more layout available
4.Yes for that you need to set distance.if you set distance to 15 km in menu of my map location then it will show the nearest 15 km data.
Let me know if its clear
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Yes all the questions were clearly answered. Thank you for that!

It has been brought up to me that not all our locations have offices (i.e. our San Diego, CA "serviced" location does not have an office but is handled by our Anaheim, CA service location with an office, placing San Diego and Anaheim in the same address). With that said we would still want to show that San Diego area has our service but being handled by Anaheim. I think what we are looking for as well is a way to have it show as part of our locations, but when a user clicks on it on the front-end the pin will not navigate to Anaheim which may cause confusion.

Is this some part of the customization available? Like, let's say the Nearby feature comes into play with this? If so, would you be able to tell me briefly how it can be done?

If not, is this do-able from a developer's perspective with the package this offers?
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You can put latitude longitude of Anaheim and in address put address for San Diego.
We are searching on the basis of latitude and longitude so I guess that's most simplest way to do the thing.
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Hello again,

So we've purchased it, so we can try it out. I am having a little bit of a trouble, and was hoping you can help me out.

I've used the module and added the map containing our locations to our existing page. And I cannot figure out a couple of things:

1. How to get this template (hyperlinked) to appear right away as a module without having the need to enter a location pre-loaded. If a location has to be named to have it appear, where do I set it up?

2. From my first question, if it isn't possible at all, do we need to create it as a component? We have some texts we want to show up below the map and I have tried that but we couldn't add text to the layout and the map isn't showing up.

3. I noticed when this extension is used as a module, it is only restricted to one layout, and requires to search for a location to have the layout from the demo. Is it possible to choose layout we want when we use the extension as a module?

Thank you!

(PS: This is our test page, and might help visualize what we want: URL Link)
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You should try to follow these instruction steps in this online documentation:
If you encounter any issues, please drop us a ticket (menu Support > Ticket support), I'm sorry but this forum is only for pre-sale questions.

Thanks a lot!
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Yes, I've tried the documentation again. It looks like it's a limitation.

Crazy thought and question though, would we be able to edit the code somewhere to help us suit our needs for it, or what's limited to edit code-wise?

Thank you!
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I am.sorry but do you mean by limitation I don't understand
Please create a support ticket and put your question there with Joomla super admin and password so I can cross check the issue
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