Thursday, July 04 2013
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Hi I am looking for a component which would let a user post a position in Lat Long with an image and short text (twitter sized ) via an app for smart phone or I phone to a google map on a site.
Its for a marine conversation project so that members can send images of what they see to the groups main site from their phone and update a map which can be viewed on the site, posts of dolphins , sharks, marine rubbish,
I just put your facebook Social Back links on my own site and it works really well, would there be away of using the social back links and your map component to create a online map and post at the same time to a twitter account and facebook page from a community online via some sort of easy to use app from a phone, which maybe logs you into the site and lets you create a post with image and lat long from the phones GPS. We don't have a lot of funds but would be happy to pay for some development.
And I think that it would not only be useful for our community but lots of others who want to share community events and locations, images and comments, everything from followers of bands at concerts , people at large festivals so organizes could have a map up dating on the event as it goes on , to people doing all sorts of out door activities surfers sharing great sites.
And thanks for the Social Back Links brilliant

Seems to be a great project! But I'm sorry we don't do those kind of development.

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