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  Wednesday, February 14, 2024
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Our client needs to have a query against the following values:
Member Type (Member or Non-Member)
Manager (single select or radio of 8 values)

Is this possible with My Maps. I understand that we can use Custom Fields but since there is no documentation about this feature it is difficult to see its capabilities. I understand that you incorporate Joomla fields but need to ensure that the search form can query against the custom fields' values (Member Type, Manager).
Also, I see in the demo that Country is a query but can the form include State (as in region, not as in status) or does that also have to be a custom field?
3 months ago
if you want to search use which is linked through user id then you need to use community builder or joomsocial.then use our my map location extension.

if user id are not involved and its just user who live at that location then we can go with my map locations.i am gving solution related with my map locations for now

Name (location title and yes available to search)
State (if you select country state will be there.we will set parameter to get state by default)
Member Type (Member or Non-Member) (Custom fields supported and search available)
Manager (single select or radio of 8 values) (Custom fields supported and search available)
3 months ago
Thank you for the information. The user that is searching is not logging in and no userid is queried against. Public visitors will only be searching the map for locations of stores. It will be used like a store locator.
3 months ago
In that case our extension support and match what you any case you need any support we are here as well.
so you can purchase the extension and provide us access so we can create the thing for you if needed.
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