Tuesday, February 17 2015
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I would like to know if its possible to use this component for a car pooling service. The aim is to integrate it with my Easy-Profile user database and have "Driver" user groups see a map with potential pickups. When the "drivers" select a pickup, it removes the "Pickup" from the general map and ads the location to the "Drivers" personal map.

Once a "Driver" has selected a "Pickup" they will notify the pickup via SMS or Phone and the "Pickup" will have be able to see the "Drivers" details online.

Would this component be able to integrate with Joomla users and user groups and be sensitive to group access? Is something like this at all possible using this component?

Yes you could do almost everything, but it will require some custom integration for both components.
As you may have seen My Maps location does not offer this integration neither notifications.
The component is more a location locator with advanced filtering options.

Wouldn't be easier for you to use a complete pool service extension like this one?

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