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  3. Saturday, May 04 2019
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Hi, I currently use contentmap for map locations for my existing articles which has a GPS field in the 'publishing' tab of joomla article (as per attached screenshot)

contentmap co-ords.png

If I install My Maps Location can the existing field be used to populate the new article location tab without me having to manually update every article of which there are thousands?

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In current we need at least latitude and longitude as different field if you like to do radius distance search.though it require customization and for me best way is to migrate the tool to my map location content plugin and migrate the data there using sql.
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Ah ok, thank you, I wish I understood that :)

Is there a step by step guide in your documentation anywhere?
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I will try to help you as much as i can to fix the issue and if we unable to migrate we will refund as well.
you can purchase extension and create a ticket with joomla super admin and ftp and i will try to do that for you.
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Thank you very much.

Ticket number 88251594719
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