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I am building a Jomsocial site for a niche type of community with JV-Link Directory ( ) to categorize. I assume that the app would allow people to search for other people and businesses that are listed on the site. That the member will have the option of turning off either certain features or turning off GPS completely through their profile.

My questions:

1) It appears that businesses can be designated by icons (such as different type of stores). Does the application allow you to create more registration fields in Jomsocial and allow those fields to be filtered?

2) The app would be used to find people who share the similar interests, not everyone on the site though is single or looking to date. I noticed different icons, could the icons be used to show a persons interest in friends, but show they are not interested in in something else, like dating?

3) I know very little about apps. Would this app be one that could be be dressed up with an Icon and downloaded from places like Google Play or Apple. That when downloaded it would have them sign up for an account on the website?

4) Does the app provide the cell phone user the ability to see reviews or ratings of a business and if so can that person also rate or provide a review from inside the app that would update jomsocial or JV-Link Directory as well?

5) In the Jomsocial "Locate a nearby member" screen shot, is showing how to get to someones house but I don't see any option to contact the person. Is there anyway to call or message the person through the phone?

6) If the above is not possible and won't be available in the next version or so, do you have any recommendations of other software or have a guesstimate of what the hours might cost to get it done?

Sorry for all the questions.

Kind Regards,
more than a month ago
Hi Jeff,

Ouch, such a complete request :)
Here is my answers:

1. Nope except include the JS native dating module

2. I didn't get exactly what you need to do but yes you use different icon for places/people

3-4. It's just a Jomsocial App

5. Yes you can add contact link. Note that link are going to the profile of the person.

6. I recommend you to search on the plugin directory in the Jomsocial specific extension or on Jomsocial website on the addon.
I don't have anything else in mind.

Hope it helps.

more than a month ago
Thank-you for taking the time to reply.

For some reason I was under the assumption that this would work on a mobile device, very similar to a phone app that allows the user to use GPS to locate their position and then gives available resources in a certain radius of the phone. One that would represent different types of businesses and peoples interests all in one map.

I told JV-Link Directory about you guys in hopes that maybe they could allow their software to be usable by this product.

Kind Regards,
more than a month ago
OK thanks!

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