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  3. Friday, November 06 2020
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Hello !
Is it possible to use Open Street Map instead of Google maps ?
Many Thanks
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Thanks for contacting us here about this extension.

Is it possible to use Open Street Map instead of Google maps ?

Currently, our Linky map supports Google maps and Algolia autocomplete only.
The Open Street Map is not implemented as I see.

Thanks a lot!
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the question is more relevant to my map location instead of linkymap.in my map locations instead of google map you can implement open street map.they are working fine for lot of clients.
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Hi I also want to buy this extension but is as showstopper bcs you cant use Open Street Map :( It would be perfect to Google use autocomplete with Open Street Map solutin and with lefleat or Mapbox integrated. Hope this great Joomla extension will take that step and be useful in future with new great Joomla 4!
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@ ssnobben
this is working well with your extension my map locations.you can use google autocomplete and leaflet/mapbox integrated as map.these feature are already supported in this extension.
can you please let me know what kind of issue you are facing in it so i can check them further and update you on this?
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