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  3. Tuesday, November 19 2019
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Hello. We have a customer who uses Linky Map. We are preparing for Joomla 4 for budgeting next year. Is there a way to export their current map and import into the new system, Joomla 4 (when it becomes available and Linky is 4 compatible)?

Thank you.
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Joomla4 is still in alpha version.once the joomla 4 is released in at least rc version we will send you updated version of linkymap so you can test that at your end.
we will make sure the database will remains same so import export will not create issue.
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Thank you. We are likely going to begin with a clean db, not import the old one if that is what you are saying. I did not see and import/export function in Linky, so just checking.
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@ channingb
please send us ticket once you plan for this.
We will help you in migration.
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Thank you.
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