Thursday, March 05 2020
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After setting up a map with markers on set as 2 different colours so say red for customers and blue for distributors. Is it possible with LINKY MAP to then have filter buttons on the frontend so the user can choose to filter the map to just show say Distributors? Regards Dan
1 year ago
You need to create 2 map and create drop down and using filter and using javascript ajax you need to show hide them.
HI Alax, thanks for the reply can i just clarify so if i create 2 maps is it possible to have both map 1 and map 2 markers appearing together initially on a single map? Then filter from there using ajax Regards Dan
1 year ago
Let me explain again
you need to add 2 map at module using linkymap.
give the div name and put one div to css display :none
then on the basis of click event java script show them hide and show.
Hi Alax,

I understand the explanation thanks. But my question was "Is it possible to have both map 1 and map 2 markers appearing together on a single map" As I want to show all markers to begin with on load and then the filter will be there as an option for the user. Regards Dan
1 year ago
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thank you so much for your kind question.
this is not possible without creation of 2 map.we don't have any filtering for now.the only way to do it is to create map and show hide them using javascript.
Hi Alax,

Great thanks for clarifying. Regards Dan
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