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  3. Wednesday, December 04 2013
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I must be missing something here.

How would I do this example.

Map of Europe countries is the display
Each country has a pin or marker on it, detailing a specific company, linked to a specific page


North America is the display, showing all states
Each state shows several markers, each marker being a specific company and link to a specific page?

I appear to be able to add only 1 marker per map?
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I think you can do what you want.
You have to choose between a map with marker OR a map with region colored.
And yes you can add a link on each marker/region or display content in a HTML bar.

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Thanks, I have created a region - Europe, and added 3 country markers, however what would be great is if instead of an actual dot being placed as the market, the entire country outline was the marker, or at the very least I could change the marker?
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You can mark a complete country by using a region map not a marker map.
If you have any question regarding support please drop us a ticket, the developer will answer you.
This forum is only for pre-sale request.

Thank you!
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