Sunday, September 02 2018
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I have created my own specific map in Adobe illustrator. I was wondering:

1- if it is possible to upload my own created map to LinkyMap extension?
2- If yes, what kind of file format I should use to upload? and if I would be able to add text and content to each portion of the map inside the extension?

3 years ago
we have implemented jquery mapael .there you can create the map.
3 years ago
Thank you for your response. I see I can export my map as SVG file directly from Adobe Illustrator. I read through the web page you recommended. My question is if I upload a SVG file to LinkyMap or what kind of file? I really love to buy your extension, but I want to make sure it will do what I am looking for without any extra coding skills.

I attached to different files from my own created map. Would you please let me know which one would be uploaded to LinkyMap?

Note: I combined 2 files in a ZIP file. Please test and let me know what kind of file I need to use for my own map in LinkyMap. I really appreciate it.

3 years ago
On which map you have created your own map which you are go9ng to upload in the Linkymap. Is this Region map or the maker map? Then it will depend on how the uploaded map will be shown
3 years ago
there are just little cordinates in it.even if we can integrate there is little chance it will work perfectly.
as a suggestion you have svg so you can create map using image map extension available in joomla.
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