Monday, April 28 2014
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Hey, I'm really interested in your component, but I have a few questions :

1. Is it possible to remove the HTML sidebar and modify the component so that when you click on a region it redirects you to a new Joomla article?

2. Is it possible that when you click on a region it would then display only this region with many markers?

Also, could you please show how is Germany divided into regions?

Thank you for your answer in advance.

Here's my replies :

1. Yes, sidebar is an option, you can add links on marker or region
2. Yes and No, it's not possible using only Linky map but you can create a map with links to other detailled map in cluded in articles or modules.

Hope it helps.

8 years ago
Hi, it helps a lot :) thanks!

I would ask for a screenshot of how Germany looks divided into regions (like the US is on your demo page) if possible. Just so I'm sure everything is ok for my needs.

Please check this image.
8 years ago
That's great, thanks. One last thing : Can I show just Germany, without the neighboring countries?

Nope sorry, maps are generated by Google geochart.

8 years ago
Ok, it doesn't matter, we'll order it in the next days.

Thanks for the answers!
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